Customer Services solutions

Deliver the moments your customers deserve.

We bring is people, technology, skills and Consistency to make this happen.

Service Offerings


Call Handling

Convert more customers with anytime access.

IVR and Greetings

IVR and Greetings

Create a personalized and relevant experience in real-time.

Email and SMS

Email and SMS

Build a single customer view at each touchpoint, in real-time.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Collect, unify, and activate data to deliver the business insights.

Calendar Services

Calendar Services

Organize and empower yourself with us.

Website Management

Website Management

One more less hassle for you with visible outcome.

Tasks that meet your business needs…

  • Manage your phone and email enquiries
  • Invoice your clients
  • Look after your paperwork and follow-ups
  • Send your email newsletters
  • Update and manage your website
  • Keep you organized with calendar
  • Help you with market research
  • and many more!
  • You are busy plumbing co, we can handle the whole job cycle and let you focus. 
  • You are a trucking co, we can handle your customer/partner queries and feed them into your CRM or ours's.
  • You are a tradie who travels long distances, we can provide you anytime tracking system and keep family informed if needed.
  • You are an e-commerce shop, we can handle all your customer enquiries and proactive support.
  • For more, see our individual offerings and we can help you map those to the needs.
  • You name it: Trade, Retail, Warehouse, e-commerce, Courier, Delivery & Logistics are just few.. 
  • We cater to industry specific processes such as building management call handling, car parks, any other FMS needs. 
  • We can be a single point of contact for emergencies, small businesses, or people who need regular follow-ups.
  • We are readily available to our regional communities to help manage and expand their businesses too.

The onboarding…

Accelerate your growth with fuss free journey


Meet & greet

Capture your needs and agree on the services type, sign agreements with privacy and consent at the core

Quick start

Gather your business intelligence, customer segmentation, service areas etc.


With already tailored solution and our PAYG pricing model, you can have you onboard up and running in no time


Get a ‘real taste’ of the service and an overview on the onboarding, reporting and what to expect next. 


We set the CRM with all these detail and we are in business!

What Next

Delight your customers with every conversation and personalized service

Use our one-of-a-kind mix and match offerings or may be just give us a call to discuss your specific needs.